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We (You) DID IT!

WE (YOU) DID IT!!!!!! One of the few times in my life – I’m SPEECHLESS! Pearl, the Noah Mobile has found its forever home! THANK YOU just doesn’t seem a good enough response to give to all of you that helped make this dream a reality! If I could give each of you a hug,

know I definitely would. If you bought a carwash gift card, donut gift certificate, a Boston butt, came to Zumba with us, supported the yard sale, made a cash donation, or donated via the Kyle Pease Foundation, Crowdrise pages, Special Kids Foundation, Grandma’s House (Sherry Trivett Neal) or during the Ravens football game, bought a ‘Villager’ shirt, sent an encouraging work, shared our pages and posts, or said a prayer your love and support is greatly appreciated!

The van is everything we needed and everything that I wanted (look at God – John 10:10)! It’s rear entry, manual ramp – so Noah is never stuck, has two captain seats so friends can sit next to him, 3rd row seat and ability to have another wheelchair user ride with us!! There are a few other ‘perk’ things but I won’t bore you with those details. Noah will now be able to stay active when school is out and we’ll both be able to remain active members of our community!

I hope you all know that I could NOT have done this without you! The fact that Noah has an adapted van is a miracle in itself. The fact that it’s PAID IN FULL just blows my mind! This has been a short yet long 20-month journey. A special thanks to Christina, Ali, and Robin for being the brains and backbone of this adventure. To Kim who helped me get over myself, work through my resistance, and ask for help.

Love and blessings to you all! Details of the van party coming soon...

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