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Twelve Minutes Helped Me Heal

I'm good at going down rabbit holes. Usually I waste a lot of time chasing those damn rabbits that usually don't give me the information that I initially set out to find. Yet, this rabbit hole was not only a resource, it brought validation and healing.

So many times I think I have it all together and I'm on the right path. And honestly, I am. I just don't hear other people talking like I do or doing the things that I do which leads to me questioning myself and thinking I'm off or out of my mind. Perhaps it’s just a matter of not having met “my” people yet.

In my quiet time this morning I even dared aka questioned how I share information. I need to tone it down, dial it back so others can hear me, really hear. Beyond hear me, be willing to listen to me so they can hear me.

Spending 12 minutes listening to and watching The Moth’s session with Stephanie Peirolo I felt, seen, understood and validated.

She is like me. She gets it. She understands and is able to share in a nonconfrontational way. She uses imagery that paints the real raw picture and gravity of the situation. She's poised, polished, educated and professional like me.. She's juggling and has worries like me. She was f*cked over by systems like me. Her son was f*cked up and over by systems like mine. She had to make the excruciating and heartbreaking decision of allowing natural death (AND) like me. She found joy through the journey and purpose from the pain like me. The difference in our story is that my son is still living.

I'm thankful for finding these gems, these nuggets that seem like needles in a haystack that are poignant to my journey. They are like a salve to my soul. To learn more about my son's story you can read that in my bok, And God Remembered Noah: A mother’s heart-opening journey through 22 weeks in the NICU..

What has helped you heal?

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