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I'm a woman on a mission who believes everyone deserves to live their best life, now. Originally from Irwin, PA and currently calling Evans, Ga home. Although I've adapted to the southern summers, I'll always be a Yankee.

I'm the proud mother of the amazing and talented abstract artist Noah S. Williams of Noahland Art (TM). 

I offer what I needed while navigating being laid off; housing and financial insecurity; disintegration of my most meaningful relationships; surviving 5 months of my child being in the NICU; countless hospitalizations and scary medical moments with my son; being with my dad when he died unexpectedly; realizing buried childhood trauma; and the arduous task of raising my son, who lives with spastic quadreplegia cerebral palsy. I've been the hot mess. I still have meltdowns and ugly cries. I've done and continue to do the hard work of naming and processing my grief while finding and embracing the joy through my healing journey of becoming the best version of myself.

When I take my superwoman cape of and pour into my own cup, you can find me exploring an aquarium, a zoo, on hiking trail, on my mat inhaling good sh#t and exhailing BS, or on the sidelines cheering for my son as he finishes a race.

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