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Want to Know Wednesday: What will you do when Noah gets bigger?

I've been getting this question since Noah was two years old. My response now is the same as it was then, “I don’t know. I will cross that bridge when I get there.” Okay truth, my real response is “Marry a man with a good and strong back!” The time has come for me to cross that bridge, yet I feel as though I have to build it and I don’t have the materials. I usually find myself thinking two, five, fifteen years down the road while at the same time tackling the conundrum of the present moment. Yet, with this situation, I find myself ‘stuck’ with no real plan or answer to the problem.

Just this week, I found myself crying because I couldn’t pick kiddo up on the first try because he shifted to an awkward position as I began to stand up. Granted, my hormones might be playing tricks on me, but it’s just another dose of reality smacking me in the face. I have constant concern about carrying and transferring him whether from house to car, wheelchair to car, car to house and beyond. Noah likes to stretch and explore when he gets picked up. I’m so thankful for that ability and his interest to do so, just not when walking with him. So as we continue on the journey for Noah to be and become as independent as possible while having the best quality of life, I have to learn how to continue making that a safe journey for myself and his caregivers.

I look to my friends who have kids older and heavier than Noah for tips and advice of how to do this. The common theme and response is “You do what you have to do. You just do it.”

So my current game plan is:

  • Continue to pray and trust God knowing that He will provide all that we need (2 Corinthians 9:8)

  • Continue to strengthen my core and wear a back brace (sexy)

  • Work with Noah’s physical therapist on safe lifting/transferring/carrying tips

  • Really move to a one level home this next year (I’ve been ‘planning’ to move for a few years)

  • Explore the various options for a lift Want to Know Wednesday: What will you do when Noah gets bigger?

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