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Want to know Wednesday: What can people do to help you when out with Noah

Want to Know Wednesday – What can someone do to help you when you are out with Noah? Oh, this is a GREAT question. Every family may answer differently, and I will say it’s not always easy to accept help, so bear with me! Here are the things that I find most helpful:

  • Ask – what can I do to help you?

Depending on where we are and what we are doing depends on what kind of assistance we need. Sometimes I need help moving or readjusting Noah. Sometimes I need him distracted. Some days I just need someone to interact with!

  • Wheelchair Help

Loading and unloading the wheelchair is necessary, yet a labor of love! For our family, I need help with Noah’s wheelchair. That thing weighs 28kg or 62 pounds! Lifting it several times a day builds great arms yet takes a toll on the back regardless of how much I lift with my legs.

  • Hold the door open

This sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how often people are so enamored by our awesome looks and my amazing balancing and juggling skills that all courtesy and common sense goes away!

  • Help us normalize having a disability!

We live a normal life, our normal. It’s a NORMAL life, yet not TYPICAL. Although we’re not typical, we like to do typical things, and we do; we adapt how we do it!

  • Be open and willing to learn!

There are NO expectations for anyone to become an expert. Shoot, I’m still learning, as we all are! Kids don’t come with a handbook; it’s all on-the-job training. Acknowledge the differences and accentuate the similarities. Be willing to learn about the disability and how we adapt. More importantly, be open to learning how to best interact with us.

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