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Recalculating…from FML to PTL

Smartphones, GPS, and advances in technology have drastically changed how many of us navigate through life. The device, the service provider, up dates, enough memory, etc., determines how accurate and useful your GPS will be. I like the convenience of getting real-time, turn-by-turn directions, yet I’m a bit old school and unconventional in I like printed directions; I like landmarks, I like knowing how to read a map, and I like knowing which highways connect, so I can efficiently reach my destination. If you’ve ever ridden with me, and I was the navigator, you know NOT to do that again! ☺ Seriously, for those that have taken road trips with me using my phone for directions know that we’ll get to our destination eventually and most likely via the scenic route. For whatever reason, my phone wouldn’t give any warning of the next direction or turn until we were right up on it, and it was usually after we passed where we needed to go prompting the “Recalculating…recalculating, go 100 miles and make a U-turn.” I’m exaggerating with distance, but you get the point.

As I said goodbye to 2017, I struggled and halfheartedly welcomed 2018. I was happy to be with my family and friends, yet this was the first year I wouldn’t be calling my dad at midnight wishing him a happy new year. I knew at the stroke of midnight that my son would no longer have any insurance coverage. I knew that despite my knowledge and years of anticipating this moment, 2018 was greeting me with a host of new challenges and thrusting me into new territory with limited and convoluted directions. I found myself wanting to say FML (F*ck My Life) yet requiring me to say PTL (Praise the Lord). Recalculating and redirecting my thinking is what will get my son and I to each destination. I constantly have to remind myself that everything will work out and the experience(s) will make me better, provided I don’t allow bitterness to take root. Reminding myself not to focus on the problem, yet work towards a solution and keep an attitude of gratitude (Matthew 14:13-21). This is much easier said than done, yet as I continue to practice it a habit is forming. Life doesn’t always take us the shortest or easiest route. I challenge you (and me) to find or recognize joy through the journey when traversing rugged terrain to the destination.

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