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I want a simple life

I want a simple life

I want simple, yet I’d gladly take back my normal life

I want a simple life, where things move and operate smoothly. I expect hiccups along the way, yet I’m tired of being a living, walking, talking, breathing hiccup.

I want to put a plan together and see it executed with limited interruption. Fantasy world I suppose, yet I desire a simple life.

I want a partner to help carry the load. Well, in all honesty, I want to dump the load - not forever, just for a little while so I can catch my breath.

I want a simple life where I can genuinely, in good spirits greet the birds and take in a deep breath of stifling hot Georgia July air.

I want a simple life where I can feed my child and not be concerned with cleaning up vomit or poop 30 minutes later.

I want a simple life where I don’t have to worry about my back locking up as I transfer said child from bed to chair and back again.


clothes or shelter.

From Lauren O'Malley, to Everyone 11:46 AM

live my life more simply.

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