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Honey to handle sh*t

I don’t comprehend it and I probably NEVER will, yet I’m learning to embrace it, TRUST Him, and carry on living a full, on purpose life. The chorus of this song so challenges me and my thinking requiring me to dig deep and press into the Word not relying on my own understanding. A couple of years ago Noah was making such progress and I was on a mission to reduce the number of specialists that he had to see. We were successful…for a little while…and now we have added a few of the old specialists back and have even added one or two new ones to the list. As I was beginning to pout and complain I quickly caught myself and redirected my thoughts to I’d rather have more doctors added to the care team, than to have no Noah. It may sound odd to outsiders but taking care of Noah is the simple and dare I say ‘easy’ part. Don’t get me wrong it is a lot of work caring for him, but it’s pleasant and we have TONS of fun. The hardest part, for me, is having to deal with ALL of the people and stuff. Constantly having to learn new people and systems. Knowing what questions to ask to get the proper answers needed, yet not knowing what to ask, because you’ve never been in the situation before all while keeping my cool, a pleasant voice and smile on my face. I continue to pray for GRACE when I speak and that I have a SILO continually filled with honey as a VAT isn’t big enough to handle all the sh*t!!

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