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Fullest Expression of Me

I am kind. I am fearless. I am loveable. I am true to myself and others. I value others’ opinions, but their opinion isn’t my truth. I acknowledge my fears yet don’t buy into them or allow them to dictate my life. I know I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. I embrace and value my uniqueness. I am strong, yet know it’s ok and natural to be weak at times. I am independent yet know it’s ok and natural to depend on others. I am responsible yet also carefree. I am friendly yet cautious with my trust and vulnerabilities. I am a lover of people. I am optimistic (usually) and able to find a positive in any situation. I am perfectly imperfect. I love me, ALL of me for who I am and how I am. I define my worth. I define my beauty and what’s beautiful to me. I am a great friend. I strive to be a better person every day. I am adventurous. I try to learn something new every day. I embrace people where they are and for who they are. I am an advocate for the perceived underdog. I focus on the strengths and not weaknesses of others – I am actively working on this for myself. I am tenacious yet kind. I am assertive yet respectful. I am confident not conceited. I am talented, thinking beyond the box. I am a big dreamer and hard worker. I am a loving, caring, badass mom.

Writing that was WORK! Not bad work, yet my homework. I’ve been the best at criticizing and critiquing me, analyzing and highlighting all my faults yet very seldom if at all cutting myself slack or acknowledging just how awesome I really am ☺. Seriously, the above came from months working my way out of a bad head space. It came from looking at Naomi, respecting what she does and loving who she is. ALL of her: awkward, quirky, sassy, eccentric, smart, gullible, natural self! The Fullest Expression on Me is my reminder to tell myself the truth. Not to buy into the lies that I often tell me. Living in my truth keeps me grounded and moving forward not getting paralyzed in striving for an unattainable, unnatural and unrealistic level of perfection. As I strive to be the best version of myself; I’m able to help my son do the same as we do some Exceptional Living along this journey we call life!

May you continue to love yourself, live in your truth and learn to be great!

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