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Baby bird

Mom was fussing with enteral supply company earlier b/c people not doing their job impacts my life. She told the supervisor "help me help you help your employees so they can help my son live his best life." People don't know how to take her. People don't understand her. People don't get why she's so passionate and has a short fuse. People don't understand why she requires people be accountable for their actions or lack their of. People don't understand why she won't go with the flow since that's how things have always been done. People don't understand that them doing or not doing their job impacts my livelihood

. People don't understand where we've been or what we've been through. People don't understand that their assumptions or oops can mean life or death for me. People don't understand that I'm a baby bird - dependent, not just on my mom yet them (you), for survival. I do what I can but my body prohibits independence. Please be patient and have a little grace for my mom or those like her when they seem to be in rare form or questioning the process or seemingly making your life/job hard b/c all they want to do is take care of their baby bird. Another bird is building a nest in another porch plant. They must know our home is a safe place for their babies...

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