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New Beginnings

Today truly is a Brand New Day and the start to wonderful new beginnings! I’ve started this blog to capture the fun, wild, wacky and those completely ordinary adventures that I have with my exceptional son. Society says ‘special needs’ and Noah does have many special needs, yet there are things that he can do and that’s what I tend to focus on. I seriously doubt I will ever use the term disabled or ‘specail needs’ to describe any child in my blog. I will say differently-abled because the things that they can do are often do in a different manner. I’d also like to remind you that our children are ‘normal’, they are very normal; they just aren’t typical!

My goal is three-fold: (1) chronicle the trials and triumphs of raising a differently-abled child (2) capture our adventures of traveling, training for races and whatever else we find to get into (3) to empower and educate others to embrace those who are differently-abled.

I’m excited about and looking forward to this journey. Messages and encouraging words welcome!

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